Trekking In Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is highly blessed for its immense beauty and lies in lap of the Himalayas. Due to flawless beauty and scenic splendour the state is source for tourism, trekking, paragliding, cycling and many more adventurous sports. No matter how much experience one have in trekking, the state offers trekking sources to the experienced ones and first timers as well. Here is the list of the treks that one can have in Himachal Pradesh.

Pin Parvati Trek

One of the beautiful treks in Himachal Pradesh which has its name by connection between Parvati Valley in Kullu with Pin Valley of Spiti. No other trek in Western Himalayan region, can match the grandeur of Pin Parvati Trek. In 1884 Sir Louis Dane discovered this high pass trek. it is also difficult trek because of its high altitude and remains under snowfall for most of the year. it takes one through cold desert of Spiti to the Pin Valley. The Pin Parvati Trek start from lush green forests and goes into the extended meadows with variety of alpine flowers and waterfalls. You must have to be under experienced guide at this trek as this place is difficult to locate. The glaciers at the Pin Parvati are the headwaters of Parvati River. Pin Valley is only place in Spiti where Nying-pa sect of Buddhism is followed. It is the one of the most enthralling trek and take trekkers to 5319m above the sea level. Getting climatised to the environs is the major requirement for successful completion.

Hampta Pass

The Hampta trek may not be the adrenaline rush giving, but is something that leave you awe of this place. The scenic landscapes, easy access and its glacial valleys make it exceptional and tremendous. Hampta trek connects the Kullu Valley to Lahaul Spiti Valley. It got its name after the village Hampta lies in Kullu. Snow in the place attracts the tourists and it is mostly used by the amateur trekkers. The best way to trek here is in the month of May and June. From Manali it is the easiest access point to trek for and lies at an altitude of 14150 ft. The travelling to the Hampta requires through the areas like Oak, Rhodo, Maple, and Hampta River. Everyday you will get the new charm of the environment. The trek is tailor made for those looking to experience the adventure in Himachal. The natural beauty and foliage of the region itself draws the trekkers aplently. The beauty about the place is that one part of the trek is cover with the sand and rock whereas other one is full of fresh greenery.

Triund Trek

Being a foot of Dhauladhar range Triund trek is the one of the shorter and easy trek in Himachal Pradesh. The path is well laid and you won’t need the guide as well to trek. Along the road you will see the Hanuman ka Tibba peak. Triund is situated 9 kms from Bhagsu Nag which has become very famous hiking destination among visitors from India and overseas. Snow crazy birds and wildlife like musk deer and dark keep are well seen from this position. This trek is becoming more popular with time amongst the college students in Himachal Pradesh and rest of the India.

Beas Kund

Beas Kund is holy lake and River Beas originates from here. Beas Kund is situated at higher and upper valley of Solang. It is the heart of winter and summer games in Manali. It is the base camp for climbing nearby peaks like Shitidhar and Hanuman tibba peak. The Beas Kund is awesome place to go for trekkers and visitors. While on this travel, one can collect encounters of watching lavish beauty and snow-capped hills.

Sar Pass

Himachal consist of different encounter activities areas and picturesque elegance. Sar Pass is in wonderful Pin Parvati Valley of Kullu. In regional language sar indicates a pond. While shifting from the hilly paths one has to succesfully go by a small pond wearing snowfall. Sar pass is one of the most popular trails in the Shivalik range. Sar valley overlooks the beautiful Parvati valley abundant in natural treasure. It is a lovely place, beautiful and consist elegant pine forests. It resembles much the beauty of molten gold in the first and last beams of sunlight. It is truly breath taking to watch the sunset or sunrise from this point. Second camp is at Fual Pani. The serene meadows on the way are a sight to see. The third camp is at Zirmi.

Chandratal Trek

Chandratal Trek is one of the beautiful treks in Manali. Trek begins from the town of Manali and trail continues through the orchards and alpine forests of the valley. One can be continue along the grassy slopes after a close view of Deo Tibba and Indrasan peaks from here. This pass provides the main approach to Spiti from Lahoul. Situated at an altitude of 4270 m, it is a crescent shaped lake with a circumference of 2.5 km. It is set on a large meadow and provides a spectacle of peace and serenity amid the views of Mulkila mountain range and Samudra Tapu Glacier. The journey at this trek continues wth ups and downs and crossing the high altitude passes and meandering in the valleys. As per the belief of regional people Yama took Yudhishthira to heaven through this path.

Mani Mahesh Trek

Mani Mahesh also known as Dal Lake, it is believed that Master Shiva designed Mani Mahesh after he wedded Goddess Parvati & also conducted penance on financial institutions of Mani Mahesh Lake. It is in the Pir Panjal Variety of Himalayas at an level of 4080 meters. It is Bharmour city of Chamba district. The most famous implemented direction is the Bhanrlour Manimahesh direction which includes a 13 miles monitor from Hadsar city to Manimahesh Lake. Pilgrims also begin hiking from Lahaul and Spiti successfully go through Kugti successfully pass. Those coming from Kangra, Mandi and likewise take the Karwarsi successfully pass/Jalsu successfully pass via Tyari city. However, the direction from Chamba via Bharmour is the most convenient one.